Church San German de Auxerre

Known as the City of Hills, San German is one of the most picturesque destinations in Puerto Rico. As it was the second Puerto Rican city to be established in 1511 by the Spanish, it is a city that is steeped in history, tradition and historical attractions. Visitors will find San German to be a fascinating city with a great variety of activities to enjoy and breathtaking sights, such as the Church San German de Auxerre.

When settlers first arrived in San German in 1510, the Roman Catholic parish was established, with a permanent structure being erected a few years later. The San German parish constructed the Church San German de Auxerre in 1688 which has served as a place of worship for the San German people ever since. The first earthquake to hit the church forced Puerto Ricans to do years of repair work between 1717 and 1739. More repairs and reconstruction work to the church begun in the year 1834 and ended in 1897. In 1918 Puerto Rico was rocked by a violent earthquake that saw many cities loose buildings or be forced to do major repairs to hundreds of their structures and the Church San German de Auxerre was not spared either. In 1920, the tower had to be rebuilt and it is today one of the most detailed and elaborately decorated churches in Puerto Rico. The most celebrated feature of the Church San German de Auxerre is the ceiling, as artists have been able to reproduce imitations of wood coffers through trompe l’oeil painting.

Visitors will be able to find the Church San German de Auxerre without problems, as it is easily recognizable with its neatly painted white walls and staircase that leads to the front door. The church overlooks the main plaza of San German on De La Cruz Street, and is still being used as a religious venue; offering daily Mass and services to its congregation. Its value as a historical attraction in Puerto Rico was recognized in 1984 when the Church San German de Auxerre was added to the National Register of Historic Places. The Church San German de Auxerre is truly a unique and breathtaking site in San German.