Circa 09 International Art Fair

Puerto Rico has always been a festive, cultural and exotic destination for travelers, but in recent years, it has been actively showcasing the artistic magnificence of Central America and the Caribbean. Four years ago it hosted the first Circa International Art Fair, and this year, from the 16th to the 20th of April 2009, the Puerto Rico Convention Centre will once again be host to this spectacular event. The Circa 09 International Art Fair is most definitely one of the most prestigious events of the year.

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The main goal of the Circa 09 International Art Fair is to promote local and international art, and to present collectors, artists, galleries and other members of the industry, an intimate venue to network and display their collections. Rich collections of both modern and contemporary art will be exhibited, as well as a variety of various other art forms.

In the solo exhibitions sections, visitors to the Circa 09 International Art Fair will find paintings, installation, sculpture, digital art and photography. The general division concentrates on contemporary and modern art, but also through multiple mediums such as photography, sculpture and painting. Those in attendance are invited to explore the Circa Labs, where ideas and inspiration on a certain subjects is explored, and those interested can mull over the following question so long: “In a Nutshell – What’s all the Fuzz about Public Art”. Upcoming artists also have the opportunity to display their work at the fair, and a number of galleries such as Prometeo Gallery di Ida Pisani, Witzenhauzen Gallery, LMAK Projects, Galeria 356, Galeria Jacobo Karpio, Nueva Galeria de la Barra and Espacio Minimo have already confirmed their presence at this wonderful event.

To experience the artistic flair of the island, while exploring its spectacular beaches and attractions, the Circa 09 International Art Fair is certainly an art celebration that should not be missed. It is a melting pot of culture and emotion which is portrayed on canvas and in various forms. The exhibitions will appeal to young and old, and hopefully inspire young artists to pursue their dreams and talents. To be a part of this wonderful experience, get down to the Puerto Rico Convention Centre and be prepared to be amazed.