Construction on Discovery Bay Resort & Marina 2009

Every year thousands of people visit the northwest corner of Puerto Rico to enjoy the crystal clear blue waters, pristine beaches and vibrant marine life that exists there. Many of these visitors arrive in their own yachts, determined to make the most of their visit despite the lack of facilities available to them on that part of the island. Fortunately it seems this may not be the case for much longer.

Developers are making headway with plans to build the Discovery Bay Resort & Marina between the towns of Aguadilla and Aguada on the northwest corner of the island of Puerto Rico. The development will span 270 acres of land and will cost an estimated $300 million. But the general feeling is that it will be worth it since it will not only provide a variety of accommodation and jobs, but it will also provide services that are currently lacking in that part of the ocean.

Apparently the new addition will be exactly what the area needs. According to Thomas Cordero, the president of Cordeco Northwest Corp, the “Caribbean is a hot spot for cruising.” He remarked that while relatively good marina facilities exist on the southern side of the Caribbean island chain, the northern side isn’t quite so well developed. He further said that people “sailing from Florida, through the Bahamas and Turks & Caicos to Puerto Plata have to travel all the way over to San Juan or Puerto Rico’s east coast before finding a marina.” With that in mind it is easy to see that this new development is the perfect solution to a long-standing problem.

Developers hope that the preliminary environmental impact studies will be finished by January 2009. From there it shouldn’t be long before the final permits are complete and construction gets started. In the first phase of the building process, two levees – one earthen, one sheet pile – will be constructed to prevent potentially catastrophic flooding to both the facility and approximately 3 000 households located in the area, which is a natural flood plain. An inner harbor will be excavated between the levees for the marina and the marina will be completely developed, complete with 500 floating dock slips, a dedicated yacht club, a full-service dry dock and repair yard and a dry-stack facility.

Once that is done its on to the second phase, which includes a hotel complex that features 300 units, a casino, conference center, spa, beach club, restaurants, pools, helipad and commercial entertainment area. In total the project should take seven or eight years to complete. Since the area already has good year-round seasonal demand, it is hoped that boaters will find this part of the Caribbean more appealing to visit once they gain access to these facilities. No doubt thousands of boaters will find this to be the perfect addition to the Caribbean coastline.