Delightful Postres Endings!

It makes calorie sense to eat lightly during the main course of a Puerto Rico meal, because the postres or desserts are worth a wait! Sorry, there is not much room for people with diabetes, but as long as your blood glucose is fit, Puerto Rico recipes for desserts will leave you hankering for more!

Fruits, which grow in such abundance and variety on the island of Puerto Rico, form a common base for most postres, with a cake or pudding format and custard favored by most chefs. A flan is integral to a Puerto Rico meal. Jellies with fruit are also popular, and they are relatively light on the digestion as well. People are also very clever at using vegetables which adorn main courses, creatively in their desserts. All in all, the postres section is both delicious and filling in itself. It is easy to learn to make them, and to incorporate them in your own cooking, to give it some Puerto Rico flair. A top attraction for mainlanders is the widespread use of coconuts in Puerto Rico cuisine. The coconut bread pudding is always a hit with guests, and watching it made fresh is a part of the pleasure of serving and eating this attractive dish. Ice-cream with a coconut flavor and shavings is easy to rustle up and a delight with assorted nuts and a dash of welcome rum!

A rice pudding is another typical example of authentic Puerto Rico cuisine which is easy to make outside the island. Milk and rice are cooked together with spices, sweetened with sugar and served with raisins. This dessert can be served either hot and cold, and resembles an Asian dessert style. It will therefore go especially well with vegetarian guests from India who may not be able to savor many other highlights of Puerto Rico food.

Music, lively company, and dancing are as much part of a Puerto Rico meal as is the food. The postres come as a highlight of an occasion, especially since they are so attractively plated. Your guests are certain to remember your meal for a long time when your finale is postres from Puerto Rico!