Dining at Carli Café Concierto

From Monday to Saturday all the tables at Carli Café Concierto are full of patrons, and locals know that if they want to enjoy the magnificent atmosphere, spellbinding live music and mouthwatering good food of Carli Café Concierto, they need to make reservations way in advance. It is these rare and unique qualities that make this restaurant one of the best in Old San Juan, and renowned in Puerto Rico.

Located in the Banco Popular building, the architecture of the historical building adds an air of sophistication, charm and warmth to the restaurant. Patrons here consider themselves lucky as they will be dining and listening to the soothing pieces of music that owner and legendary musician, Carli Munoz, brings to life each time he takes to the stage.

Carli Munoz received his first piano in 1961 for this thirteenth birthday. Although reluctant at first, the piano soon unlocked the natural music talent and ability that lay hidden for so many years. He soon became a noted pianist as he developed his skill and love for jazz. After staying in Los Angeles for sixteen years, the list of artists and musicians that he worked with seems endless and includes celebrities such as George Benson, Chico Hamilton, Wayne Henderson, The Beach Boys, Wilson Pickett, Henry Gross, Peter Cetera and Jimmy Haskell. He returned to Puerto Rico in 1985 to reestablish old ties and a home, which led to the founding of a jazz trio, with whom he still performs today. The idea of opening an up-market restaurant with live jazz music, performed by the himself, was made reality when Carli Café Concierto opened in 1998.

The restaurant menu is overwhelming, as each dish seems to be the perfect choice. International guests will be comfortable with the menu as it accommodates the tastes of both local and foreign patrons. The bar is another magnificent feature, adorned with brass and rich mahogany. Here, people are able to relax, while sipping on one of the Carli Café Concierto’s unique drink choices. It is also home to an intriguing variety of martinis, made with care and to tempt patrons to try something a little different each time they dine.

This restaurant is definitely recommended, as it is a spectacular combination of good food, enjoyment, fantastic live musical performances and a gracious host. Seeing Carli Munoz performing is a unique opportunity, and being able to watch him while sharing a glass of wine with a loved one makes it a priceless experience.