Dining Delights of Puerto Rico

Food in Puerto Rico is a delight with ample choice to delight all palates, and to suit all budgets as well! No vacation is complete without memorable dining experiences, and Puerto Rico excels in this respect. Native Indians, Spanish colonialists, farm workers from Africa, and folk from neighboring islands of the Caribbean, have all lent their special touches to the eclectic cuisine of this U.S. territory.

Since the mainland, especially New York, has so many strong influences of Puerto Rico, dining when on the island calls for something more than the offers on menus. Ambience makes the difference, and no amount of Puerto Rico flavors in U.S. restaurants can match the experience of a meal in the heart of the territory. Puerto Rico has loads of specialty restaurants full of enticing attractions, so choosing a place for fine dining can be quite a chore! Nevertheless, a visit to The Landing in Rincon may be treated as a must, because it is an exceptional restaurant even by the high standards of Puerto Rico food.

The Landing is directly on the beach, and seems more like a grand private residence than a commercial food service establishment. You feel as though you have been invited to the home of a local family. Views of the ocean are simply gorgeous, and help offers from the generously stocked bar go down very well indeed! The menu is diplomatic and plays safe. You can settle for a standard steak, and even order burgers and fries if children are around. However, it makes sense to keep such plebian eating for back home, and to opt instead for a special preparation from the day’s catch. Seafood at The Landing will measure up well to the best you may have had anywhere!

Your meal will not end with dessert, coffee, and liquors if you visit on a week-end, for the live band, and the livelier crowd is sure to get your feet tapping. The Jazz on Sundays is especially recommended! Make it a point to include Rincon in your Puerto Rico itinerary, and sample the rare pleasures of a delightful meal by the Atlantic at The Landing.