El Combate : A Tranquil Holiday Destination

If you’re looking for a somewhat secluded seaside spot to spend your holiday, you might want to consider El Combate in Puerto Rico. This salt-flat area features beautiful blue seas, clear skies and quiet beaches – the perfect combination for those looking for a nice tranquil getaway spot.

El Combate in Puerto Rico is located in Cabo Rojo and it is here that you can find the Cabo Rojo lighthouse and the salt flats. The name ‘El Combate’ comes from a battle fought over the ground between the locals and a neighboring town in 1759. Both parties wanted to gain ownership of the salt flats and neither was willing to compromise. As a result a great battle broke out between the two. Fortunately, that is now a thing of the past and the area has been lightly developed and restaurants populate the beach area. Most visitors to this quiet part of the island are here to enjoy a private holiday – one which allows them to sun themselves on the beach and pass their leisure time reading, eating or resting. But there is more to do here than simply eat, sleep, read and swim. For starters, the El Combate beach is now a part of the Boqueron Forest Reserve. You might find that hiking through the reserve makes for an enjoyable way to spend your time. Or you could visit the salt flats and see how table salt is harvested. Both the salt flats and the forest reserve are ecologically sensitive and are home to a large number of migratory birds. Another thing worth considering is a visit to the Cabo Rojo Lighthouse. This attraction displays strong Spanish architecture and was built in 1882. It is located in what is truly one of the most scenic spots in the area and you might want to pack a picnic hamper and settle here for some light refreshments in order to make the most of it.

There is also an abundance of interesting sea-side activities to enjoy at the La Playuela beach. Here you can swim, fish, boat or try your hand at whitewater paddling. Bahia Salinas Beach is another great place to laze in the sun. Other beaches in the area worth considering include Bajo Casabe and Punta Moja Casabe. There really is quite a bit to be discovered in El Combate in Puerto Rico, so make sure that you don’t miss out on this lovely destination.