El Yunque: Hiking in the Caribbean National Forest of Puerto Rico

Hiking is one of those activities that always brings a new adventure to those who like to participate in its motion. It is affordable, a great way to exercise and offers a different view of nature on every outing. The Caribbean National Forest or El Yunque, is such a place that will leave the walking traveler with a sense of calm and excitement at having just spent a day living in nature the way it should be experienced.

The El Yunque Caribbean National Forest is a natural rain forest that is home to countless species of birds, frogs, lizards and feral dogs to name just few of the wildlife that call this forest home. As you ascend up towards Mount Britton and its tower, named after the famed husband and wife botanist team, you will be greeted by a chorus from the various birds that populate the area. Frogs rest in the trees as a few lizards keep a weary eye upon your gait. The air is warm and wet and the trail is always a bit moist, but the reward that this forest offers is beyond belief.

As you pack for your day hike you will want to have plenty of water and food, a cover that will repel any rain that falls your way, bug repellent and a good pair of hiking boots. Treat the forest like it is your home. What you bring into the park take out with you. Always get the appropriate passes if necessary when traveling in the park. Enjoy the walk and remember to bring extra film.