Electric Music of Voltio

Voltio was born in Santurce, in Puerto Rico, on 20 March 1977. Although born Julio Ramos, he later became known as Voltio after a shocking accident while working as an electrician. His music career started at an early age, but he had to fight to get to the top and even almost lost hope along the way. Voltio’s story is one of determination and persistence. He took once last piece of advice to heart, and is today one of the top reggaeton musicians in Puerto Rico.

Hector Delgado, Rey 29 and Voltio formed the group Masters of Funk when Voltio was only fourteen years of age. This collaboration never produced albums, but they were very influential in the reggae genre. The group eventually went their separate ways, which led to Voltio teaming up with an old friend of his to establish Karel y Voltio. The duo released their first album in 2003, named Los Deunos del Estilo, but the album did not fare well and neither did the partnership. Voltio decided to call it a day with the music industry, until Tego Calderon stepped in to change his mind.

Tego Calderon was signed with White Lion Records and encouraged Voltio to do the same. With nothing to lose, Voltio signed with the label and released Voltage AC, which was a success. It featured popular hits such as Julito Marana, Bumper, Amarres Fuego and others. His following two albums were great hits, with the release of Voltio in 2005 and En Lo Claro in 2007. Some of the hit singles releases by Julio Voltio include Chevere featuring Notch in 2005 and remixed with Notch and Lloyd Banks in 2006, Ella Volvio featuring N’Klave in 2007, El Mellao in 2007 and Un Amor Como Tu featuring Arcangel in 2008.

Voltio has also been involved with projects away from the music industry, such as joining forces with Calle 13 to raise the issue of police brutality and is also working on a documentary about his time in prison. He is an artist that has dedicated himself to his music and his fans and has managed to overcome difficulty to prevail as a top selling recording artist in Puerto Rico. Bringing reggaeton to life with every word he sings, Voltio will continue to entertain and thrill his fans for many years to come.