Enjoy a Spectacular Break in Joyuda

In the Western Coast Valley of Puerto Rico, near Boqueron, lies the city of Cabo Rojo and its surrounding municipalities. It is a destination in Puerto Rico that is known for its magnificent natural splendor, and for having the most beautiful sunsets on the island. It is a destination that is famous for the Cabo Rojo National Wildlife Refuge, where hundreds of migratory birds and some of the sixteen endemic bird species of Puerto Rico can be found. Lately, more visitors are starting to explore the breathtaking Joyuda beach and the Joyuda Lagoon.

The town of Joyuda has become a recommended site for enjoying local cuisine as it is said that the quaint restaurants of Joyuda serve the best seafood dishes in Puerto Rico. Located right on the doorstep of Joyuda Beach, the fishermen of the town ensure that there is always an abundance of fresh seafood delicacies available. The beach is a beautiful stretch of sand with glistening waters and is a favorite spot for boating, sailing, snorkeling, fishing and waterskiing.

Puerto Rico has only two natural reservoirs on the island, of which the saltwater Joyuda Lagoon is one. It is approximately 2.4 kilometers in length and has a width of one kilometer. The saltwater that feeds the lagoon comes in from the ocean through a very narrow channel in the south of the lagoon, and is therefore ideal for fishing. With more than forty different species of fish in the water and a wildlife sanctuary surrounding the lagoon, the bioluminescent waters are shared with the birds of the area that nest and feed here. Many visitors opt for a tranquil kayaking excursion on the lagoon, from where they are at a perfect vantage point for bird watching, wildlife viewing and even spotting the starfish, crabs and other life forms that live in the water of the mangroves. Visitors can look forward to catching glimpses of some of the 130 bird species known to the area, such as osprey, woodpeckers, red snappers, waterfowl, yellow-shouldered blackbirds, flamingoes, songbirds, ducks and herons.

Joyuda is a breathtaking part of Puerto Rico that is recommended to tourists and visitors to the island. Overflowing with natural wonder and wildlife splendor, the beach, lagoon and friendly town is the perfect way to enjoy the island and its best attractions.