Enjoy the Adventure of Ziplining in Puerto Rico

Ziplining is becoming an increasingly popular adventure activity that can be enjoyed by virtually everyone. With a network of pulleys and double horizontal cables ziplining uses gravity to take adventurers from one point to another. With participants wearing thick gloves and helmets, and snugly strapped into a harness securely attached to the cables, zip-lining is a very safe activity, particularly if users take note of the rules that are in place for everyone’s wellbeing. It’s a great way to enjoy the natural beauty of an area with the added bonus of an adrenaline rush – and Puerto Rico certainly has an abundance of natural beauty well worth exploring.

There are a number of zip-lining destinations to choose from in Puerto Rico, with reputable tourism operators offering various packages to make the most of your ziplining experience. Yunke Zipline Adventure operates in the foothills of El Yunque National Forest, and has been doing so since March 2009. The tree-top canopy course is located on a lush 28-acre area in the Luquillo mountains, and it is easy to reach, making it convenient to add to a busy holiday itinerary. At the start of the zipline adventure, participants will be asked to sign a waiver (standard practice for adventure sports) and will be given a briefing on the equipment being used and what to expect in the next three or four hours. The guides on the zipline tour are a mine of fascinating information with regard to the nature in the area, and Puerto Rico in general. Starting off at quite a speed, it may feel as though you’ll never slow down in time for the end of the ride, but there is no need to worry as the zipline makes use of slack cables which act as a natural brake, and one of the guides will be waiting to meet you, unhook your harness from the cable and hook it to the safety rail of the platform, so you are never in danger of falling – which is reassuring when you are up to eighty feet above the forest floor. The Yunke Zipline Adventure course has seven ziplines, with three assisted rappels. The last zipline is around 850 feet in length, with a spectacular view over El Yunque National Forest.

Known as La Bestia (The Beast) in Toroverde Nature Adventure Park near Orocovis, this zipline is 4,745 ft (1.45 km) long and at its highest point is around 900 ft above the forest floor. It is considered to be one of the longest and most exhilarating zip lines in the world. If this is just a bit too much to handle, or you want to ease into the challenge, Toroverde has other shorter options to choose from, such as the zipline tour of eight two-line wires with arrival and departure platforms. Be sure to take time out to enjoy the breathtaking scenery along the way.

Other options for ziplining in Puerto Rico are offered by Batey Zipline Adventures in Utuado; La Plata Zipline Experience in Toa Alta; and EcoQuest in the San Salvador rainforest. So there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy this exciting, but safe, adventure activity when visiting Puerto Rico.