Exceptional Dining at La Casona

When visiting a foreign country it is always good to know where the best shops, attractions and noteworthy sites are located. But through all the excitement of exploring a new country it is also always advisable to know where to eat. There are many traditional restaurants in Puerto Rico, but when it comes to San Juan, there is one restaurant that always receives great reviews – La Casona.

This magnificent Spanish restaurant was established in the year 1972 and is still serving the elite of Puerto Rico after thirty-five years. The colonial mansion in which it is situated was renovated to accommodate the restaurant, which can offer couples a lovely romantic meal or cater for business meetings and special luncheons. Owner and master chef, Manolo Camano, has ensured that he serves only the best to his patrons with a professional staff of employees and an extensive wine list to compliment his gourmet meals. His attention to detail, good service and delicious food has gained La Casona an international reputation of being one of the top restaurants is Puerto Rico.

The menu has a great variety of dishes to choose from, with specialty dishes such as the seafood medley (zarzuela de mariscos), the paella marinara and the grilled red snapper. But raving reviews have also been given on the rack of lamb, fillets, duck and many of the other delicacies that are listed in the menu. Mouth watering starters of smoked salmon and duck pâté, with a variety of scrumptious sauces, such as raspberry, octopus vinaigerette and basque sauce to accompany every meal, are but a few of the tempting delights on offer. Deciding which to meal to order will be the most difficult part of the evening.

Strolling guitarists and the lavish gardens that surround La Casona create a relaxed and tranquil atmosphere. This landmark restaurant brings the best of Spain to the shores of Puerto Rico and is definitely well recommended to all tourists and visitors. Patrons can find this spectacular blend of style, elegance and flavor at 609 Calle San Jorge, Santurce. A vacation in San Juan will not be complete without dining at the internationally acclaimed La Casona.