Experience Luxury Resort Atmosphere of El Condado

El Condado has been a popular, modern tourist destination since the early 1900s. It is known for it incredible nightlife, numerous attractions and great beaches. Lined with trees and filled with pedestrians, El Condado is a vibrant community and always has a holiday atmosphere drifting through the air. It is a suburb of San Juan in Puerto Rico that is a lively mix of cultures, luxury and a history of its own.

In part, it was the vision that the Behn Brothers had for El Condado that began to shape this unique community. Soon, some of the most famous and wealthiest names began building homes here, including the Behn Brothers and the Vanderbilts. As more luxury homes and holiday accommodation sprung up, the suburb grew and so did the property prices. Quickly, apartment buildings started to sprout up from the ground. Hotels, including the La Concha and the Caribe Hilton, opened their doors; while restaurants and nightclubs secured El Condado as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Puerto Rico.

The names of the Behn Brothers and of Dr. Bailey Ashford, and their influence on San Juan are still honored today. The home of Dr. Bailey Ashford is being renovated to become a museum and Ashford Avenue bears his name. The Behn Brothers were responsible for the establishment of the Puerto Rico Telephone Company, electric streetcars and ITT, and are remembered by the bridge that they built, Puente Dos Hermanos, meaning Two Brothers Bridge. Even the well-known name of the Vanderbilts will never be forgotten, and their luxury mansion was converted into a hotel known today as the Condado Plaza. Many celebrities from Puerto Rico and international celebrities are known to frequent El Condado.

The main strip is filled with casinos and nightclubs, giving El Condado a bustling nightlife. Live entertainment and rhythmic beats at night, and curio stores, kiosks and the lure of the ocean, ensures that tourists return each year. Attractions that can be visited during the day include El Castillo de San Felipe and El Paseo de la Princesa, La Ventana Mar Park, Antonia Quinones Park, Plaza Las Nereidas, Parque del Indio and the Plaza del Ancla. El Condado is the heartbeat of San Juan and a paradise for tourists and visitors.