Exploring Espiritu Santo River

Located in the region of Rio Grande in Puerto Rico, the Rio Espiritu Santo Natural Reserve is a haven for breathtaking wildlife and bird life, and home to numerous noteworthy landscapes. One of its most famous features is the Espiritu Santo River. The estuary of the Espiritu Santo River is considered to be a vital part of the natural reserve and one of its biggest attractions. Foreign visitors to Puerto Rico are recommended to include the Espiritu Santo River in their itinerary, as it is an awe-inspiring sight.

The Espiritu Santo River is lined with subtropical rainforests and it is also the only river that runs into the ocean. Small boats can take visitors along its banks, from where they will be able to get a unique look at the river and the various habitats on its shores. The varying environmental structures create an extremely intricate system, from terrestrial habitats to marine habitats. Due to its location, the rainforests receive an annual rainfall of approximately seventy-seven inches each year, and the estuary provides the ideal habitat for a variety of birds and animals.

The natural reserve and the banks of the Espiritu Santo River is a popular location for scientific studies, boat tours, waterskiing, bird watching, canoeing and fishing. Hundreds of visitors make day trips to the river each year. One of the most outstanding features of the Espiritu Santo River is the fact that many areas along the river would probably still be recognized by their earliest inhabitants, as numerous areas have remained untouched by human development. Kayaking along the river is amongst the popular activities at the Espiritu Santo River; however, children under the age of twelve are not permitted to participate. All activities at the river are done with conservation in mind, as with each visitor the opportunity to educate the public on the importance of preserving natural systems and the negative impact that humans can have on nature arises. The Espiritu Santo River is not just a breathtaking location for tourists and locals, but offers a day of fun, amazement and tranquility.