Exploring La Parguera’s Cays and Islands

If you’re looking for a great holiday destination at a somewhat quieter seafront location, look no further than Lajas in Puerto Rico. Located in the southwestern region, Lajas is home to the fabulous natural phenomenon called ‘La Parguera’ or ‘Phosphorescent Bay’.

The cays and islands of La Parguera make for absolutely fabulous day trips. In fact, La Parguera is so lovely that Lajas has become famous for it. The way the water lights up at night when luminescent dinoflagellates begin to move as your boat cuts through the water is something that is not easily explained or photographed – it is something you simply have to see for yourself. Little wonder that this natural miracle has become the object of a number of local legends. La Parguera has so much to offer that you can spend the entire day on the water enjoying various forms of recreation. Scuba diving and snorkeling trips are very popular off the coasts of the many islands in the area while fishing trips out on the ocean are also great if you’re an avid fisherman. The perfect day would have you snorkeling, sunbathing, swimming, kite surfing and fishing, ending off with cocktails to a striking sunset, where after a trip back to the mainland through the brightly colored waters of the bay will spark your imagination.

There are several lovely cays and islands in La Parguera, including Cayo Caracoles (Sea Shell Cay), Cayo Enrique and Isla Magueyes. Each location has its own special appeal and a full day can be spent visiting the different locations and making the most of what they offer. Activities such as walks through mangroves, sunbathing, snorkeling and kite surfing are worth attempting. If you’re not in town for very long, you can also arrange much shorter trips – the nearest Cay is just fifteen minutes from the mainland by boat. A lot of sunscreen and a taste for adventure come highly recommended when visiting La Parguera. On the other hand, attempting to feed the local iguana population from your hands is definitely not recommended. Why not visit Lajas and explore the many cays and islands of La Parguera? You may just find that it becomes your new favorite holiday destination.