Francisco Pancho Coimbre Sports Museum

Francisco Pancho Coimbre was one of the best baseball players of his time, long before the legendary Roberto Clemente became the local hero of Puerto Rico. Clemente has always shown respect and admiration for Coimbre, and both players will always be remembered for natural talent, their ability to dominate the field with speed and strength and for bringing confidence and pride home to other Puerto Ricans and aspiring baseball players.

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Coimbre began his career as an eager seventeen year old in 1926 and had landed a place in the New York Cubans. By the time he retired from professional baseball in 1951, he was the darling of every local in Ponce and they opened their hearts and gave support to the magnificent sportsman. He remained in the sports industry, and in Ponce, until his tragic death in 1989 when his home burnt to the ground. Francisco Pancho Coimbre was eighty years old.

Because of the legacy of inspiration, achievement and sportsmanship he left behind, it was only fitting that a museum that is dedicated to the sporting heroes of Puerto Rico, be named after Coimbre. The Francisco Pancho Coimbre Sports Museum is not only a look at the history of sport in the country, but a hall of fame.

Inside the museum, visitors will find a fascinating collection of photographs, personal memorabilia of sports heroes, awards, sports equipment, documents, and clothing that was worn by the greats. The museum pays respect to a variety of Puerto Rican sportsmen and women and visually takes visitors on a tour of the history of sports in the country.

The amount of memorabilia in the museum is overwhelming and visitors are recommended to ask museum staff to act as guides, as they are able to retell unknown, unheard and extremely inspiring stories about the heroes and the memento’s they have left behind. Tourists are also advised to visit the building next door to the Francisco Pancho Coimbre Sports Museum. Previously an 1898 Spanish jail, which has now been converted into a Fine Arts School, both the architecture and history of the building will astound visitors. For a wonderful journey through the sports history of Puerto Rico, be sure to visit the Francisco Pancho Coimbre Sports Museum.