Get to Know your Rum at Casa Don Q

Fancy a spot of rum during your stay in Puerto Rico? Look no further than a visit to Casa Don Q.. Not only does this small museum provide the rum free of charge but they also give you the chance to learn more about the rum making process.

Everything about the Casa Don Q museum can be seen as an adventure – from the tasty alcoholic drink once favored by pirates to the small boat trip needed to reach the museum. A trip to Casa Don Q in Puerto Rico will keep visitors very entertained and makes for a good detour during your stay on the island. You can reach the museum by boarding the ferry from downtown San Juan on pier number two and heading off in the direction of the factory. The ferry is very cheap to use and adds to the adventure. The shuttle bus that takes you from the ferry to the factory is a little pricier but worth it. However, if you don’t like either of those options you’ll find Casa Don Q located on Old San Juan’s waterfront next to the Puerto Rico Visitor’s Information Center.

When you arrive you’ll find plenty to see and do (and taste!). There is no admission fee for the factory and once inside visitors are given coupons which they can redeem for a rum drink of their choice. If you’re not sure what flavor you want, have no fear – the bartenders at the museum can also teach you all about the various different kinds of Don Q rums, as well as educate you as to what they should each be mixed with. As you savor the rich flavor of the rum you have sampled, you will be taken on a tour guided by either an English or Spanish guide. In this way you will learn the history of the factory and the product and have the chance to enjoy some hands on exhibits. You can also send a video message or purchase some of the 12-year-old rum that is sold only at the factory. Branded clothing and accessories are also available. Don Q is the most preferred rum brand in Puerto Rico and the taste really does seem to compliment the location. Make sure you don’t miss this great attraction when you visit Puerto Rico.