Green Light for Puerto Rico Convention Centre

The biggest and most technically advanced of its kind in Latin America and the Caribbean covering five hundred and eighty thousand square feet and able to accommodate up to ten thousand guests at a time, the Puerto Rico Convention Centre is seen as a leader in its sector. It has therefore always strived to create a safe environment for its staff and guests, but has also taken seriously the protection of the environment. Thus the convention centre recently confirmed the launched of yet another eco-friendly program.

The Puerto Rico Convention Centre, in San Juan, has tried to be as eco-friendly as possible by making use of recycled products such as paper towels, tissue paper, cleaning chemicals and toilet paper and recycling items used in the offices and center, including paper, card board boxes, wooden pallets and kitchen oils. But this time around they are striving to earn their LEED Certificate, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Certification. By implementing equipment and procedures that will assist the centre in saving on electricity and water usage, the centre hopes to obtain their Leadership in Energy and Environment Design Certification and become a true ‘green’ building.

To achieve their goals, they will still continue with their recycling projects and waste reduction campaigns, but have set funds aside to fit the building with automated lighting systems and air-conditioning systems in the bid to save electricity. Another energy saving initiative is to replace the conventional lights and light bulbs with lights that use less energy. It is also hoped that making parking spaces available for Hybrid cars, will not only encourage the use of these vehicles but also the use of public transport. In regard to saving water, the centre plans to purchase of plants and trees that are native to Puerto Rico, which use less water and maintenance, as well as installing a sufficient watering system that works on an automated control.

Waste consciousness and eco-friendly conference facilities are becoming more in demand as the protection of the environment has gained massive support not only from conservation establishments but from businesses worldwide. Standing up as community leaders and examples to other organizations, convention centers everywhere have moved towards becoming ‘green’ buildings. And with the convention centre in Puerto Rico and its district showing their support through their actions, it is believed that this initiative will be the beginning of a growing trend.