Hacienda Ana

The breathtaking coffee plantations of Hacienda Ana, located on the outskirts of the town of Jayuya in Puerto Rico, are involved in more than just coffee production. Even though it has been providing the country with top quality coffee beans and related products for centuries, which it has become famous for, it is also running conservation projects and initiatives with various organizations. Activities offered by Hacienda Ana lure hundreds of visitors to this magnificent part of Puerto Rico each year.

The Hacienda Ana plantation began its coffee career in 1987, under the care and ownership of Don Felipe Ozonas, who turned the three hundred and twenty acres of fertile land into the largest plantation in the country. In later years, a tangerine plantation was added, which also turned out to be an undeniable success. Entrepreneurs saw more potential in the land than just a coffee production and in 2005 they acquired Hacienda Ana. With a new name of Hacienda Ana Coffee Estate and with ambitious plans for its future, the group began with the grooming the plantations and started a plantation trail so that visitors are able to tour the breathtaking landscapes.

The new ideas and progress of the farm also created new job opportunities for the local community, and Hacienda Ana has organized a program called The Workers at the Coffee Plantation, with the assistance of the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Labor and Human Resources. The group has also made an effort to conserve the natural surroundings of the plantation and to instill a reforestation initiative to replace what has been taken from the land. Together with the Department of Natural Resources, the plantation has also been recognized as an Auxiliary Forest area, with new trees being planted and conserved. A combined effort between the plantation and the Fish and Wildlife Agency and Hacienda Ana has led to the promotion of conservation of rare and migratory birds, by planting trees and vegetation that can create a habitat for them. All these wonderful features of Hacienda Ana can be explored on foot or on horseback and their conservation efforts have made the plantation a perfect location for bird watching. Hacienda Ana is a natural attraction that will inspire and rejuvenate visitors, through its beauty and tranquility.