Hacienda Carabali Horse Riding Adventures

Horse back riding can be a very memorable experience, especially when your ride takes you through breathtaking foothills and endless stretches of nature. Tourists in Puerto Rico have the opportunity to enjoy the tranquil and rejuvenating energy of nature, while riding a beautiful and gentle Paso Fino horse. Hacienda Carabali provides a unique adventure and horse riding in Puerto Rico has never been so much fun.

The Hacienda Carabali Horse Riding facility is a family business that has been operating for over forty years and is located a mere forty-five minutes away from San Juan. Trail guides are highly experienced horsemen and English-speaking guides are available for foreign visitors. Riders that have never been horse back riding before do not have to fear that they will be incapable of navigating the route, as beginners riding lessons are given at the Hacienda Carabali Horse Riding facility.

There are a few different routes offered, some with swimming stops along the way, but no matter which trail visitors choose they are all extraordinary trails. In addition, Paso Fino horses are known for their calm, gentle and loving natures. Even though they are strong and capable trail horses, they do take good care of their riders and beginners do not have to be scared of them in any way. Riders should wear closed shoes and long slacks or pants while riding to ensure that they are comfortable throughout the ride. Riders are also required to be older than twelve years of age.

The trails that are ridden at the Hacienda Carabali Horse Riding facility take riders to the start of the spectacular El Yungue Rain Forest, along its foothills and down to the Mameyes River. To truly appreciate the experience of horse riding in Puerto Rico, this facility it highly recommended, as most of the wealthy Puerto Ricans also stable their noble steeds here.

Hacienda Carabali Horse Riding is a magical and wonderful adventure. Riders become one with nature, especially since they share the adventure with the horses. Visitors should not miss out on the opportunity to experience the Puerto Rican countryside while having hours of fun, together with their riding companions.