Harmonious Horse Riding at Hacienda 8A

Hacienda 8A is not only a horse riding facility that accommodates local residents of Puerto Rico, but welcomes visitors and tourists to spend the day with them. Their dedication and passion for horses is evident from the moment one arrives at Hacienda 8A, with amble facilities, magnificent surroundings and a horse riding philosophy that they want to share with the world. It is also a legacy they want to leave behind, enabling others to experience the magical bond that can only be felt between a horse and its rider.

The staff at Hacienda 8A educates riders on horse behavior and helps them to better understand these noble animals, thereby creating clear communication and mutual respect between both parties. Trust also plays a vital role in horse riding and once a rider has acquired the necessary horsemanship skills to communicate with their horse from the ground and while riding, it will lead to a close and intimate relationship that cannot be compared. They also offer riding lessons to beginners, intermediate riders and accomplished riders, giving lessons from the basic health and care to show jumping.

Top class facilities, such as wide and spacious stables, wash stalls, enclosed rings for lunging and intense training, riding arena, warm up arena and show jumping facilities, makes Hacienda 8A one of the best stable yards for local residents to keep their horses. And of course, the riding trails are probably the biggest selling point, as it offers breathtaking excursions into the forest and magical landscapes surrounding the establishment.

Visitors to Puerto Rico are recommended to spend a day at Hacienda 8A and take a spectacular ride through the Vieques or the El Yunque Rain Forest where the true beauty of nature can be experienced. Tourists can make use of the Hacienda 8A horses, and a guided tour through the horse riding trails that cover an area of approximately three hundred acres will allow visitors to see the dense forests, wild flowers, various bird species, valleys and mountains. It is a rejuvenating and relaxing adventure that allows riders to become one with the splendor of Puerto Rico.

Clean restrooms and a cool restaurant await riders on their return, after working up an appetite and the need for ice cold refreshment. The Hacienda 8A also caters for corporate events and has the venue for hosting parties and special occasions, with the breathtaking view of the mountains as decoration.