Jose Juan Barea – Master of the Court

At first glance, Jose Juan Barea looks like any other twenty-three year old. He enjoys relaxing in front of the television and never misses the opportunity to spend a day at the beach with his friends. He realizes how important education is and is a major in Sociology, but when he walks onto the basketball court Jose Juan Barea sets the game on fire. Many have said that the talented Barea is one of the most exciting basketball players they have seen in a long time.

Born in Mayaguez in Puerto Rico on 26 June 1984, Barea was raised by his parents in Mayaguez until he left for Miami, Florida, at the age of seventeen. Here he enrolled in the Miami Tropics program and played in his senior high school basketball team team at Miami Christian. His skill on the basketball court won him Miami-Dade Player of the Year and he was even selected to play for the Florida All State Team. Jose Juan Barea was getting ready to rock the world of basketball.

His position as a basketball player is as point guard and Barea is probably one of the most diverse players the sport has seen in a while. He is able to shoot for the goal perfectly from anywhere on the court and is extremely quick in his reactions, always finding an open man during play. Barea quickly rose to the ranks of professional basketball player because of his efficiency and accurate delivery every time he plays.

In his short and still growing career, Jose Juan Barea has played for the National Collegiate Athletic Association, for Mayaguez Indios, the Dallas Mavericks, the NBA Development League, the Santurcce Crabbers and in the National Basketball Association. He has not lost touch with his roots in Puerto Rico, and was one of the members of the Puerto Rican basketball team in 2006, that brought home the trophy from the Central American and Caribbean Games. Barea also played for Puerto Rico at the 2007 Pan American Games.

Sports reporters have written rave reviews about Jose Juan Barea, complimenting his skill and naming him as the basketball player that everyone should be looking out for. With a lengthy future ahead of him, it is certain that this magnificent Puerto Rican player will be making his home country proud for years to come. So for all the basketball enthusiasts out there, remember the name Jose Juan Barea.