Journey through Time at Callejon House

Puerto Rico is an island that has a rich and fascinating history, with tales of pirates, occupation and cultural changes. It is also a wonderful destination for tourists who are interested in architecture, nature, water sport and exploration. The museums in Puerto Rico each tell a different story, and have documented the some of the memorable and important events in the island’s past. It is within the walls of museums where the secrets to history lie and where the true stories of the island can be explored.

It is very rare to find a building that is not only itself a historical masterpiece, but which is home to a few museums. Visitors to Puerto Rico, who are interested in visiting a truly unique museum, are recommended to stop in at Casa de Callejon, also known as Callejon House, in San Juan. Within Casa de Callejon are magnificent exhibitions that will transport guests back into the eighteenth century and take them on a visual journey of Puerto Rico’s past.

Callejon House is a magnificent example of colonial architecture from the eighteenth century. The name means House of the Narrow Street, which is very fitting, as the building is located in an alley in the old Jewish quarter of San Juan, near the Chapel of El Salvador. Renovations and restoration work to the building started in 1965, and the museums opened to the public shortly thereafter. There are architectural and fortifications plans of the building on display in the Museum of Colonial Architecture on the first floor.

Casa de Callejon consists of two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room area that has a built-in fireplace, a beautiful balcony and a kitchen. The rooms are spread out across three floors. On the ground floor visitors will find the Museo De La Farmacia, which is dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry of the nineteenth century. The exhibits display a spectacular collection of equipment, medicines and items that were used in pharmacies in Puerto Rico during this time period.

The second floor is home to the Museum of Puerto Rican Families, which has a breathtaking exhibition of objects, clothing, utensils and other everyday appliances that would have been used in the upper class homes during the nineteenth century. Documents and historical personal items stand proudly in the museum as a reminder to the progress and growth that Puerto Rico has undergone. The Callejon House is a unique attraction that truly gives one insight into Puerto Rico’s heritage.