Kite Surfing in the Caribbean

Surrounded by the crystal clear Caribbean Ocean, with stunning sandy beaches fringed by swaying palm trees, Puerto Rico is a prime tourist destination attracting water-sport enthusiasts from all over the world. Surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking and windsurfing are offered at many of the beaches around the country. Kite surfing, also referred to as kite boarding, is an activity that is becoming increasingly popular among holiday makers looking for a new water-sport challenge.

Puerto Rico has some incredibly beautiful spots to enjoy kite surfing, with different surf conditions offering varying degrees of difficulty. Some of the best flat-water kite surfing in the Caribbean is found around the three islands of La Parguera de Lajas – Cayo Caracoles, Cayo Enrique and Cayo Majimo. This area receives trade-winds from the east, which increase in strength as they travel along the southern coastline of Puerto Rico, reaching a peak along the desert hills of La Parguera and offering kite surfers consistent wind throughout the day and virtually throughout the year. The islands are connected by reefs that block the wind in a manner that causes the water to be smooth, but allows the wind to give the kite incredible lift and the surfer a breath-taking adrenaline rush. These conditions are ideal for beginners and for those who want to work at perfecting their kite surfing skills. For experienced kite surfers who want the ultimate thrill of riding the waves, Puerto Rico has plenty of beaches that offer exciting surfing, and therefore kite surfing, conditions.

It is imperative that would-be kite surfers take lessons from an experienced kite surfer. Learning to fly a kite on land will save valuable time and avoid unnecessary frustration once you take to the water. Kite surfing trainer kites will allow you to gain very necessary kite flying skills while having a whole lot of fun. Novices need to be aware that the force that the wind has on a kite on a windy day can be very powerful, so being able to direct the kite in a controlled manner is essential. In addition to building kite flying skills, you need to practice your balancing skills. If you already know how to surf, wakeboard, or snowboard, or are adept at skateboarding, those skills will be carried over to kite surfing. If not, a balance board, which can be bought from most good sport supply stores, can help you to improve your balance, strength, endurance and overall performance for any board sport and will certainly help you when it comes to kite surfing. Once you are comfortable with flying the trainer kite and your balancing skills are up to scratch, it is time to rise to the challenge of kite surfing – with the help of an expert.

There is no doubt that Puerto Rico is a beautiful country with plenty to offer holidaymakers. Why not try your hand at kite surfing in some of the most scenic spots of the Caribbean.