Launch of Ritz Carlton Reserve

Dorado Beach became a destination for the rich and famous when Laurence Rockefeller opened the Dorado Beach Resort. Celebrities flocked to Puerto Rico to be a part of luxury island resort craze that was initiated by Rockefeller. All his resorts were eco-friendly, adding sustainability to the luxury of his resorts, which were known as Rock Resorts. To follow in the footsteps of this famous man, the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company LLC announced that they are launching a reserve project at Dorado Beach, which will form part of their new portfolio.

In Krabi, Southern Thailand, the Phulay Bay Resort has already proved that it is a successful initiative. The hundred and fifteen key hotel, which will be situated on the oceanfront, should open in 2012. The resort will be developed in phases, and the all of the thirteen beachfront condominiums that are a part of the first phase have already been sold, as construction at the West Beach is already underway. They will also be developing the East Beach, which will be a tranquil combination of villas, beach units, townhomes and nature.

Herve Humler, the Chief Operations Officer and President of the Ritz Carlton Hotel Company, commented that Rockefeller’s ideals and innovative concept was way before his time, trying to create sanctuary for nature, as well as offering luxury accommodation amidst natural surroundings. The Ritz Carlton Company will be keeping within the guidelines of the first development by Rockefeller, and will offer visitors spectacular accommodation, pristine beaches, breathtaking forested areas, and recreational activities to enjoy, such as golf.

Dorado Beach is destined to become one thousand four hundred acres of beauty, luxury and environmental awareness. Between enjoying the activities and accommodation, programs will be made available to both adults and children for an interactive eco-adventure. The new resort will be constructed on the foundations of the original resort, and additional features, such as a botanical spa, wind and waves center, fitness and wellness center, a water park and eleven miles of natural trails for hikers and nature enthusiasts to enjoy, will be available. The Ritz Carlton Reserve will be the first of its kind in the Americas. It will see this legendary resort come back to life and continue the legacy left behind by Laurence Rockefeller.