Learn To Be An Environmental Ambassador

Developed by Jean-Michel Cousteau and Dr Richard Murphy, along with the education team at the non-profit Ocean Futures Society, the hands-on outdoor education program Ambassadors of the Environment is presented at a number of locations around the world, including Dorado Beach, Puerto Rico. Applying sustainable living principles that could be used anywhere in the world, and adding topics specific to each location, the Ambassadors of the Environment program teaches participants about the basic principles of ecology, biodiversity, renewable energy, bio-friendly waste management, the role of key species in an ecosystem, sustainability in both natural and human communities, environmental conservation, and the interconnectedness of people, creatures, land, sea, present and future.

The program, which includes a series of team building activities, is designed to encourage confidence and creativity in participants, while at the same time aiming to forge a connection with nature and a desire to protect it. The program also aims to teach participants principles for sustainable living that can be carried through to their communities when they return home, so that they can become ambassadors of their environment.

Hosted by the Ritz-Carlton at Dorado Beach, the Ambassadors of the Environment program invites participants to explore Puerto Rico’s coral reefs by means of crafts, games and multi-media in the Cities Under the Sea activity. Fish form and Function teaches students how to use the color and shape of a fish to find out about its life and habits, while the Wonders of Water program discusses the properties of this life-sustaining liquid.

Gardening Gurus helps students learn about organic gardening, as well as what plants the Taínos used as medicine, while Kitchen EcoChefs teaches students the value of organically grown food and how to use solar power to prepare tasty snacks. Fun in the Sun explores way to use the sun as a source of energy, while Creatures of the Night focuses on the way senses are heightened in the dark and how animals use this to their advantage. Pictures in the Sky helps students to identify constellations in the night sky and discusses how myths and legends have been formed around these far-distant marvels.

Other features of the Ambassadors of the Environment program include From Junk to Funk, Living Green, Taíno Way of Life, Ocean Kayak and Snorkel Adventure, For the Birds, Forest Karst Hikes and Reef Adaptations – all wonderful ways to learn more about the Enchanted Island.