Lights and Shadows : Bringing History to Life

Near the screams of the gulls at the Cruise Ship Docks and the hive of activity at Colon’s Square is a fortification that has been listed as a World Heritage Site since 1983. It is one of the biggest fortifications ever built by the Spanish, covering twenty seven acres and is an intimidating site. Castillo San Cristòbal is a breathtaking structure in Old San Juan, which is a vital part of the history of Puerto Rico and the development of the city. To celebrate the history of Puerto Rico and bring the major stories of the past to visitors and locals in a spellbinding way, the Castillo San Cristòbal has become home to a spectacular show, Lights and Shadows.

The Lights and Shadows show, hosted its grand opening on the 9th of November 2008 and a fun and exciting schedule of shows have been confirmed until the end of December. It is a show that incorporates the latest technology to enhance the senses of the audience, bringing history to life in a unique way. The planning and co-ordination that has been given special attention by the crew, has ensured that the Lights and Shadows show in Puerto Rico, is of the same high standard that can be found around the world.

Synchronization is a key factor in the Lights and Shadows. The special effects, displays, strobes, projectors, lighting, sound and lasers transform the main plaza of the Castillo San Cristòbal into a magnificent show of lighting action and history that is completely unforgettable. Audience members will see the arrival of Christopher Columbus, be in the middle of the fighting action as Sir Francis Drake invades the island and be on the welcoming committee to greet Juan Ponce de Leòn. It brings history to life a way that history books, films and documentaries cannot. If opens up a world of past and present, that visitors will not be able to experience anywhere else, besides in Old San Juan. If in Puerto Rico through November and December, be sure not to miss out on the Lights and Shadows show that will entertain, thrill and excite anyone that attends.