Luis G Fortuno Elected Governor

It is evident that the people of Puerto Rico are ready and open for change. That they are looking towards economic growth and new ideas to improve the island and the way it is run. The recent election did not only bring about the transformation of its government, but made electoral history. The newly elected Governor of Puerto Rico is Luis G. Fortuno, and he is committed to revolutionizing the island and delivering on the promises he made to the public of Puerto Rico.

Luis G. Fortuno was up against three candidates to be elected as the Governor. Anibal Acevedo Vila ran to be re-elected, but had to admit defeat, when Fortuno won by one of the biggest margins ever witnessed. Fortuno is the first Republican to be elected to his position since 1968 and he has big plans for Puerto Rico. Firstly, he wants to make his administration a small but close knit group of public servants, to be able to address individual issues and the dreams that the public has for Puerto Rico, more efficiently than in the past. But Fortuno has been lobbying for Puerto Rico, long before the election.

The recently elected Governor was born in San Juan, in 1960. He attended the School of Foreign Service (Georgetown University) where he received his bachelor’s degree and went to the University of Virginia Law, to obtain his Juris Doctorate. Politics became a part of his life early on, when he was voted Vice-President of his Freshman Class, and later became the Chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Conference. He also played a significant role in the establishment of the Congressional Friends of Spain Caucus. While working his way up in the Republican Party, Fortuno held various positions throughout his career including member of the House Republican Policy Committee, member of the Executive Committee of the National Republican Congressional Committee, served on the Committee of Education and Labor, Executive Director of the Puerto Rico Tourism Company and was the President of Hotel Development Corporation. His position as Department of Economic Development and Commerce Secretary came in 1994 and in 2005, he was elected to Congress. With the various positions held over the years, Fortuno has gathered a wealth of knowledge in various sectors and it is believed that if anyone can bring about change in Puerto Rico, it would be him.

Speaking to the press after his victory, he said: “This historic victory demonstrates that the people of Puerto Rico want change for progress, and I am fully committed to delivering it. I have a vision for a stronger, more economically sound and prosperous Puerto Rico, and I am confident that together we will re-energize the Island’s economy. The people of Puerto Rico voted to re-instate good government, and my administration will deliver on our promise.”