Luis Muñoz Rivera Park

There are a number of people who stand out in the history of Puerto Rico, who stood up for the rights of the people and fought the struggles that faced the country. One such struggle was to create political autonomy in the country, and a famous crusader for this cause was Luis Muñoz Rivera. After his death in 1916 many mourned this loss, and his contributions to the country are still remembered, as he was a legendary politician, poet and journalist. Not only is he honored in memory but the Luis Muñoz Rivera Park was named after him to keep his legacy alive.

The park had its beginnings in 1919, when land was commissioned to create a recreational park for the local residents of San Juan to enjoy. What made this piece of land unique was the fact that it was home to a historical structure, a 1769 powder house. Bennett, Parsons & Frost were brought in to design the park, and four years later, in 1928, the construction of the park began. In the year 1929, the gate to the park was opened to the public. It is still a popular location for families to either relax in the tranquility of the park or just to break away from the fast paced life that all in San Juan have become accustomed to.

Luis Muñoz Rivera Park covers an area of twenty-five acres and is a breathtaking sight. It is filled with magnificent walkways lined with trees, creative fountains and a few park benches for visitors. There is also an open-air stage. To mark the importance of Luis Muñoz Rivera, a statue in his honor was erected beside the stage. The old armory, which was renovated to suit the needs of the army in the 18th century, Polvorin San Geronimo, is a noteworthy attraction in the park that can still be marveled at today.

Gazebos provide shady areas for visitors, while the playgrounds in the park keep the children entertained for hours. Restoration projects, headed up by Otto Reyes Casanova architects, were undertaken in 1990, with additional restorations being done in 2003 by Andres Mignucci. The Luis Muñoz Rivera Park is an attraction in San Juan that the entire family can enjoy and is a recommended site for visitors.