Marry in the Haven of Puerto Rico!

Puerto Rico weddings are in as romance in the balmy climes of Puerto Rico is a certainty. The prospects of a vacation in the Caribbean, without ever having to leave the security and the convenience of the United States, makes Puerto Rico weddings a statement to which everyone would love invites! People of all ages can enjoy themselves in Puerto Rico, and the easy availability of reliable sitters means that you can tag children along without ever upsetting any social schedule.

A delightful feature of Puerto Rico weddings is that the intimacy of a honeymoon, diversions for the family and for guests, and great locations and destinations, can all be rolled in to one.

Who can think of Puerto Rico without the deep blue waters of the Ocean in mind? Sandy beaches, exhilarating sea sports, and dazzling night life, set Puerto Rico weddings apart from social events on the main land. The atmosphere of the island territory of Puerto Rico is special indeed! However, there could be individuals who tire of beach weddings. It is not so special for folks who have lived by the sea all their lives. However Puerto Rico weddings are not limited to beach locales! The highlands, where indigenous communities have lived for ages, are alternate locales for memorable weddings and intimate honeymoons.

Maricao is one of the most charming towns you can find on the hilly slopes of Puerto Rico. It is set amongst thick forests with the strong flavors of coffee cultivation. The weather is a perfect blend of Caribbean warmth and the pleasant air at such an elevation. The town has exquisite lodgings including a hotel to accommodate a wedding group in a quaint ambience of colonial times. A wedding planned during any February, can coincide with the annual coffee festival of Maricao, which yields a bonus of unending festivities, apart from beans to match the best of Latin America! Trails in the Maricao Forest Reserve however, are not limited to February, and the enchanting scenery will surely compete for your attention with the irresistible glances of a new spouse!