Mesones Gastronomicos for Fine Dining

When most tourists visit a foreign country, they don’t only want to see the attractions or relax on the beaches, they want to experience everything. And with everything comes tasting the local cuisine and exotic dishes. In Puerto Rico, a Mesones Gastronomicos Program was established in 1987 to regulate participating restaurants and to ensure that guests who dine at these specific restaurants are guaranteed excellent service, good food and value for money. It is a program that began in Spain, but has proved to be a successful venture in Puerto Rico.

Restaurants that participate in this project and who are then endorsed by the PRTC can advertise that they are a Mesones Gastronomicos establishment. And there are many of these restaurants all over Puerto Rico, especially in the smaller towns and villages. Restaurants maintain the standards set by Mesones Gastronomicos, as it almost assures them of patrons. The Mesones Gastronomicos Program also assists the tourism industry of Puerto Rico, as they are able to recommend restaurants to their clients and international visitors. Quality standards have to be kept high to remain a Mesones Gastronomicos establishment, so visitors can feel completely comfortable dining at any one of these establishments.

Of course there are international fast food outlets in Puerto Rico, such as Pizza Hut, Burger King, McDonalds and others, but visitors are recommended to try the cuisine at the following Mesones Gastronomicos establishments: Don Alonso (Utuado), El Faro (Aquadilla), Anchor’s Inn (Fajardo), Las Vegas (Rio Grande), Tino’s Seafood (Cabo Rojo), El Tenedor (Juncos), Casabi (Quebradillas), El Ladrillo (Dorado), Las Colinas (Aquada), La Piedra (Aibonito), Daniel Sea Food (Humacao), La Cascada and many more. Visitors to Puerto Rico can always request a complete list of restaurants from the tourism offices.

Most of the Mesones Gastronomicos restaurants serve local and international dishes, giving patrons a variety of choices of the tastiest meals. Visitors can be rest assured that when visiting Puerto Rico, they will not have to worry about finding an establishment for a delicious lunch or supper, as Mesones Gastronomicos guarantees only the best. The program has proved to be beneficial for visitors, restaurant owners and the tourism industry of Puerto Rico.