Miguel Cotto – Puerto Rico’s Boxing Superstar

There is a new legend in the making, in Puerto Rico, and his name is Miguel Cotto. His determination to become the best in the world of boxing is becoming a reality, as his number of winning fights and popularity increases. When fighting in Puerto Rico, organizers are almost guaranteed a crowd of approximately fourteen thousand screaming fans, as they flock to the boxing arena to see their local hero in action.

Miguel Cotto was born in Caguas, Puerto Rico, on 29 October 1980. He is the youngest of three boys, and at the age of eleven, he began boxing as a way to lose weight. Both his brothers were already boxing at the time and as the months passed, Cotto found himself slowly become more and more passionate about the sport. During his amateur career, Miguel Cotto took part in a hundred and twenty five fights, of which he lost only twenty three. He also held the Puerto Rican National Amateur Champion title from the year 1997 to 2000. Looking back on a successful amateur career, boxing in the lightweight and light welterweight divisions, he also had the opportunity to represent his country in the 1998 Junior World Championships, the 1999 Pan American Games and the Summer Olympics in 2000.

In 2001, Miguel Cotto embarked on a new adventure in his career, he turned professional, and on 11 September 2004 he won the WBO Junior Welterweight Championship, which he retained six times, before moving over to welterweight, where he won his first fight in his new division, against Carlos Quintana. On 3 March 2007, Cotto defeated Oktay Urkal and began his reign as Welterweight Champion. He has come up against some of the best boxers in the world and walked away victorious from previously unbeaten contenders and world champions. Some of these big hitters include Cesar Bazan, Lovemore Ndou, Ricardo Torres, Randall Bailey, Kelson Pinto, Muhammad Abdulaey, Carlos Maussa and Victoriano Sosa.

Migual Cotto’s performances prove him to be one of the greatest boxers ever to immerge from Puerto Rico. His dedication to the sport and his undeniable drive to become the best boxer he can be, gives Cotto the enthusiasm to improve and take on greater goals. He once again defended his title successfully on 12 April 2008 against Alfonso Gomez. He will now be looking towards the 26th of July 2008, when Antonio Margarito will challenge him for the WBA Welterweight Championship.