Monica Linville Laird’s Treehouse Studio

Monica Linville Laird is a well-respected artist who lives and works in the foothills of the El Yunque national rainforest area of Puerto Rico. In addition to being a renowned artist, Monica is also a teacher, and her well-attended workshops held at her Treehouse Studio serve to inspire artists to reach their full potential. The studio is set in the midst of lush tropical foliage with a view along the northeast coast of Puerto Rico. One of the studio’s working areas is outdoors and the second area is enclosed with ceiling high windows allowing a clear view of the stunning surroundings.

Raised in Schenectady, New York, Monica as been living in Puerto Rico since 1986 and has gained an excellent reputation in the Caribbean as a talented artist. She has always been intensely interested in art in all its forms and began devoting her time to painting and supporting herself by her work in the late 1970s when she was living in Key West, Florida. She enjoys experimenting with new techniques and different mediums, thereby fuelling her creative freedom.

Initially working primarily with watercolors, in 2002 Monica began working with oils and acrylics. She is heavily influenced by the environment of the island and, regardless of the surface and medium used, Monica’s works reflect her love of intense color and intriguing textures. She finds the diversity of the people, their cultures and religions, as well as the natural beauty of Puerto Rico to be an endless source of inspiration to her.

Monica has been involved in teaching since 1992 and she conducts watercolor workshops at her Treehouse Studio, which is also her home. Her students generally come from the United States and from around the Caribbean. In addition to the workshops run from her home, Monica teaches courses in creative watercolor at the Museo de Arté de Puerto Rico. She also works with corporate companies that visit the island and will tailor projects and workshops to cater to their needs. Her work has received a number of honors and is exhibited in galleries in Puerto Rico, United States, England, Greece and Canada.

Tourists who choose to explore Puerto Rico will readily agree with Monica Linville Laird, that the beauty and diversity of this fascinating country are indeed inspirational.