Mountain Biking in Puerto Rico

Mountain biking is a great way to explore Puerto Rico, and there are a number of trails designed to allow hikers and cyclists to see some of the most beautiful parts of the island. Some of the more popular trails include the Guanica State Forest Trail, Aguadilla Coastal Trail, Cerrio Gordo Trail, Corredor Ecologico, and Domes Rincon Trail. Some of the trails will challenge even the most expert riders, while others offer a more leisurely pace. Local tour guides hiring out bikes or the local tourism office will be able to direct you as to which trail will suit your level of fitness and capabilities.

Located near Bayamon, the Julio Enrique Monagas Park offers a range of trails to suit just about everyone’s needs, from extreme to easy going. This is the perfect place to sharpen your biking skills before setting out to enjoy the scenic trails the island has to offer. The Aguadilla Coastal Trail is very picturesque, starting at the Ramey Golf Course and offering three different trails down to the beach, one of which is paved. Depending on which route you choose to follow you will travel through dense forest before the trail becomes fairly flat with a clear view of the sea. Once you reach the beach, the trail takes you back up to your commencement point – covering a distance of about twenty-two miles.

The Guanica State Forest Trail covers a distance of about ten miles, most of which are sheltered by the trees and consist of rocky limestone. Upon checking in at the gate, the attendants will provide you with a map and suggest which trail will suit your capabilities. The trails are well marked, but should you get lost, the attendants will come to look for you, as they check all visitors in and out of the park. Another very scenic trail is the Corredor Ecologico Trail in Luquillo which offers riders fire track trails, some tough uphill climbs, river crossings, sand, rocks and above all, superb scenery, covering a distance of about eight miles.

Mountain biking as a sport started in Puerto Rico in the mid 1980s and rapidly became popular, with scores of cyclists making up the mountain bike community today. Mountain biking in Puerto Rico is represented by the Comision de Mountain Bike Puerto Rico, which organizes events, promotes safety and regulates the sport in general on the island.