New Coffee Zone Warmly Welcomes Visitors

Puerto Rico is a popular tourist destination with much to offer travelers who choose to explore this exotic country. Ever mindful of the fact that tourism is a major source of income for the country, the Puerto Rico Tourism Company (PRTC) has announced that ten historic coffee plantations will receive certification by the Department of Agriculture and the PRTC to form a new tourism concept that will be known as the “Coffee Zone”.

These ten haciendas are located in the towns of San Sebastian, Jayuya, Ponce, Adjuntas, Lares and Las Marias. The objective of the new Coffee Zone is to draw attention to this thriving local industry that generates around 60 million dollars annually, while at the same time promoting the ever increasing interest in agrotourism. Visitors will be introduced to the daily way of life on a plantation, as well as being able to enjoy a host of activities such as hiking, walking and bird-watching in the lush mountainous regions where the plantations are situated.

Coffee in Puerto Rico is graded and certified in line with international standards and is exported to different parts of the world as well as supplying the needs of the island. The selected coffee plantations are eager to participate in this new concept and to welcome tourists to their plantations, thus the PRTC will be highlighting the Coffee Zone in upcoming tourism promotions. The selected and certified plantations are Café Bello and Sagra in Adjuntas; Anna Coffee Estate, Hacienda Gripiñas and Hacienda San Pedro in Jayuya; Café Laredo in Lares; Palma Escrita/La Casona in Las Marias, Hacienda Buena Vista and Hacienda Patricia in Ponce; and Hacienda El Jibarito in San Sebastian.

The Puerto Rico Tourism Company, which has been in operation since 1970, supports the development of the Puerto Rican tourism industry by evaluating tourism facilities and establishing standards of quality. With offices and representative on the United States mainland, Canada, Latin America and Europe the PRTC actively markets Puerto Rico as a tourism destination. Certainly Puerto Rico is a country of great natural beauty and the new Coffee Zone will no doubt encourage more people to enjoy what this fascinating country has to offer.