Noche de Galerias

Recent years have seen art appreciation in Puerto Rico grow dramatically – both amongst locals and amongst visitors. Much of this can be attributed to efforts by CODEVISA to expose the masses to and educate them about Puerto Rican art. No doubt, the Noche de Galerias program has played a key role in this growth.

Loosely translated, Noche de Galerias means ‘the night gallery’. The program is the brainchild of the Development Corporation of Old San Juan (CODEVISA) and basically it stipulates that all art galleries and museums in Old San Juan should open their doors from 18:00-21:00 on the first Tuesday of the month of July. Doing so not only provides hard-working individuals with the chance to enjoy displays that they might otherwise not get to see, but it also attracts more members of the public to Old San Juan and so boosts economic activity. The Noche de Galerias open house night is a great way to spend the evening immersed in art and culture and should not be missed. Whether you are visiting for a short while or you live in Puerto Rico, this is a once a year opportunity that casts a different light on the beautiful artwork housed by the various galleries and museums.

The Puerto Rican School of Visual Arts is a key part of the Noche de Galerias celebrations. The school takes it upon itself to organize faculty and student exhibitions in line with the celebrations to both advertise their expertise and add to the general experience. Teachers may also choose to offer lectures or give demonstrations while students may choose to put some of their artworks up for sale. In doing so, they provide art lovers with a chance to go home with a fantastic piece of art at the end of the evening. Art may be two dimensional or three dimensional, traditional or modern. Puerto Rico’s School of Plastic Arts also uses the day to display their art, with various plastic artworks regularly being showcased at this great event. So if you’re an avid art lover or you’re just looking for an interesting way to spend your evening, make sure you don’t miss out on Puerto Rico’s Noche de Galerias.