Old San Juan: A walk along this magnificent City in Puerto Rico Part 2

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Another must-visit in Old San Juan is the Fort of San Cristobal. This fortress is the better half of El Morro in protecting Puerto Rico. This is because while El Morro guards the island against attack by sea, San Cristobal protects it from attack by land.

San Cristobal Fort covers 27 acres, thus you will need to wear comfortable shoes while taking this walking tour.

You will also enjoy a walk on the ramparts where Spanish soldiers held their watch half a millennium ago.

The guided tours will also show you where the first shot of the Spanish-American war was fired.

Another important part of the walking tour along San Cristobal Fort is the Garita del Diablo, a sentry box believed to devour soldiers who are sent there on watch.

Both of these fortresses are among the UNESCO World Heritage Site and both are National Historic sites being managed under the U.S. National Park Service.

In addition to the tour among the historic forts in Puerto Rico, a guided walking tour also includes visit to historic landmarks such as San Jose church. This church was built in 1530; it features a 16th century wooden crucifix, which was donated by the first governor of Puerto Rico, Juan Ponce de Leon. In addition, the elaborate gothic designs will surely fascinate any architectural master.

You will also experience in this walking tour a visit to Plaza San Jose where a bronze statue of Ponce de Leon proudly stands.

The tour also includes a visit to Catedral de San Juan built in 1520; it was brought down by hurricane in 1526, and rebuilt in 1540. This cathedral was looted in 1598 and damaged by another hurricane in 1615. Nevertheless, this picturesque church as you see today was restored to depict its original state in 1917. This church holds the marble tomb of the island’s first governor, Juan Ponce de Leon.

The walking tour will include other important historic landmarks featuring the old and the new San Juan such as museums and plazas that will introduce to you what Puerto Rico is made of. For other information, you may check out the forum where treasure trove of information is available.

One advice however is if you are going to take this walking tour when travelling to Puerto Rico, you will need to wear comfortable shoes and bring your camera. You will surely want to bring home the experience this walking tour will offer.