Palmas del Mar’s New Yacht Club Is Ready To Welcome Holiday-Makers

The award-winning Palmas del Mar resort in Puerto Rico is the destination of choice for many holiday-makers who appreciate the stunning landscape, warm Caribbean Ocean, sandy beaches and many activities on offer. A multi-million dollar Yacht Club was recently completed and inaugurated at Palmas del Mar, giving holiday-makers yet another reason to spend their leisure time in this beautiful part of Puerto Rico.

The Yacht Club and marina at Palmas del Mar can accommodate 162 yachts, providing state-of-the-art amenities which are said to be superior to any other marina in Puerto Rico. Moreover, mega-yachts up to 200 feet long can berth at the marina. Members of the Yacht Club can enjoy the restaurant, bar and grill, as well as the private lounge area, swimming pool, resort wear shop, convenience store and deli.

Luis F. Muniz, president of the company PDMYC Inc., the developers and owners of the Yacht Club, noted that the opening of the club and marina will generate new business and employment opportunities. He further noted that the job opportunities would likely lead to the development of new skills and talents in order to expand the type of tourism that, until now, has remained largely untapped. Jaime Stubbe, president of Palmas del Mar Properties Inc., and partner in the project, expressed his confidence that the Yacht Club at Palmas del Mar will contribute to enhancing Palmas del Mar’s position as a luxury destination, in line with other new hotel investments such as the Mandarin Oriental.

Executive Director of the Puerto Rico Tourism Company, Terestella González Denton, welcomed the new development as another step toward the goal of establishing Puerto Rico as the main port of entry for mega yachts holidaying in the Caribbean. It is believed that mega yacht tourism is one of the fastest growing markets within the leisure maritime sector of the Americas. The spin-off of commercial activities resulting from attracting this high-class market to Puerto Rico will no doubt benefit the local economy.

The construction phase of the marina created 250 jobs, while its maintenance and operation will generate at least 150 employment opportunities under the management of the well-respected international management and consulting firm, Marina Management Services Inc., with Tim Keogh at the helm. Palmas del Mar Properties was presented with the Heritage Award for its environment-friendly tourism development initiatives by the Puerto Rico Homebuilders Association in 2002 – a worthy endorsement for a world-class resort. The Yacht Club had added another exciting dimension to this popular tourist destination.