Parroquia San Antonio Abad

If you are planning to visit the city of Anasco in Puerto Rico soon, you may choose to stop by the Parroquia San Antonia Abad. This beautiful old parish makes for an interesting attraction and can be easily found just behind the Casa/Museo de Colon.

The Parroquia San Antonia Abad was founded in 1728 on the site where it is said that Christopher Columbus prayed for divine help before setting off to sail the Americas. The original structure was replaced by the present Romanesque-Canarian structure in 1801 so visitors can expect to find a wonderfully old building. The parish building features an 8-foot high stained glass window and a traditional bell tower complete with an 800 pound, a 500 pound and a variety of smaller bells which were used in the original church.

As you can imagine, a building that is more than 200 years old will be in constant need of restoration. Recently the Parroquia San Antonio Abad was able to gain the necessary funding to carry out these restorations. The main structure is still more or less the same as it was when it was originally built, but a few new flourishes and upgrades were added during the restoration. For one thing, the top of the façade between the twin towers has been raised eleven feet and fitted with a circle of beautiful glass. A number of decorations depicting various facets of the Christian faith have been added or kept. There is, for example, a depiction of the resurrected Jesus leaving the tomb. A large cross rises out the façade while a crown-shaped glass window has been placed above the main door.

On the windows situated in the two towers, you’ll find the symbols of baptism and confirmation and the symbol of the Eucharist. The windows also present pictures of wisdom, understanding, council, science, piety, fear of God, the sacrament of baptism, the keys of Peter and Paul, the sword of spirit and more. The Parroquia San Antonio Abad parish is located in Barcello Street and is open to visitors and worshipers daily. So take a look at this attraction if you are in Anasco.