Picturesque Palominitos Island

Puerto Rico is known for its many picturesque beaches, warm climate and wonderful coastal towns and resorts, bringing thousands of visitors to its shores each year. There are also many wonders to discover just off the mainland of Puerto Rico that few visitors think of to explore. Uninhabited islands lie just off the coast of the country and it will cost a mere boat trip to experience the beauty, tranquility and natural magnificence of the islands. Palominitos is just such an island, blanketed with soft white sands, dense forests and breathtaking marine life.

The only inhabitants that Palominitos Island has recently hosted is the cast and crew of the new Pirates of the Caribbean film, called On Stranger Tides. Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) and the rest of his cast mates used the island for the new movie, and over and above enjoying an island the famous Captain has invaded, Palominitos has much to offer visitors.

The magnificent island is a popular destination for boat cruises and especially recreational divers. There are a number of islands, such as Cayo Diablo, Palomino and Palominitos, which are favored by divers as they are a treasure trove of spectacular reefs filled with exotic fish and sea life, as well as being locations that experience calm waters. Some of the marine life to be seen in the waters surrounding Palominitos Island includes angelfish, stingrays, eels, dolphins, whales, manatees, jacks and turtles. It for this diverse ocean view that scuba divers travel miles to explore the islands reefs.

The forest area on the island is not very big, and consists mostly of shrubs, vines and larger trees, with a very unique ecosystem. Efforts to introduce different species of frogs, lizards and other creatures have failed and scientists are trying to study the habitat and ecosystems to retry the introduction of different species to the island. Even though the island is uninhabited, it is still a wonderful destination to visit, either to relax on its large sandy beach or to enjoy the clean turquoise waters that surround the island of Palominitos.