Ponce Aquarium in the Pipeline

The construction of the Ponce Aquarium, otherwise known as the Oceanographic Studies Center of the Caribbean, is scheduled to begin in July 2008, with anticipated completion in early 2010. The proposed site for the Ponce Aquarium is near the popular La Guancha boardwalk, adjacent to Ponce Bay and in close proximity to the Ponce Hilton Golf and Casino Resort Hotel. In addition to being a key scientific and research center in the area, the Ponce Aquarium will be an additional tourist attraction in the popular Porta Caribe region of Puerto Rico.

Visitors to the Ponce Aquarium will be given the opportunity to view a variety of fascinating marine life species, while at the same time learning about the delicate marine system and the importance of marine life conservation. The aquarium will feature numerous salt water tanks that will be home to a diverse range of marine species, including aquatic plants, fish and invertebrates, as well as some semi aquatic animals. Conditions within the 42 exhibition tanks will closely resemble the ecosystem of the Caribbean Sea. Other features of the Ponce Aquarium will include a dolphin tank and a lookout point with a panoramic view of the Caribbean Sea. There will also be a food court and gift shop.

The Ponce Aquarium is one of the many projects that the authorities in Ponce anticipate will continue to transform the city into a key tourist destination in Puerto Rico’s Porta Caribe region. Other projects which are underway include the expansion of the existing Julio Enrique Monagas Family Park, which, upon completion, will be the largest of its kind in Puerto Rico. Construction of a new convention center in Ponce is also being planned.

With a rapidly expanding population world-wide, the threat to the environment and earth’s natural resources is increasing at an alarming rate. The Oceanographic Studies Center of the Caribbean, based at the Ponce Aquarium, will serve a crucial role in the discovery of new marine resources, while at the same time taking positive steps toward the conservation of these resources.

The Ponce Aquarium and Oceanographic Studies Center of the Caribbean will be continually pursuing the goal of conserving the marine resources of Puerto Rico – a fact that visitors to this beautiful and fascinating country are sure to appreciate.