Ponce International Business Center and Residential Development

Although the Puerto Rican city of Ponce, fondly referred to as La Perla del Sur (The Pearl of the South), is a beautiful city with many places of interest to visit, it has historically always played second fiddle to San Juan, the capital city of Puerto Rico. However, since the upgrading of the airport, which now accommodates direct flights from the continental United States, Ponce has been welcoming more tourist trade and a number of exciting developments are in the pipeline for the city.

In line with the Puerto Rican government’s plans to actively promote Ponce as a prime tourist destination under the theme “Ponce: The City of the New Millennium”, real estate investor, the IBC Investment Group, announced a new commercial and residential development to be located near one of the city’s main boulevards, Avenida de Las Americas. The 192,000 square foot commercial development will be known as The International Business Center, with the nearby residential project to be named the Metropolitan Treo.

The International Business Center will be a 16-story structure with a rooftop heliport and garden that will offer spectacular views of the surrounding city and the Caribbean Sea. Initial plans reveal that the first level of the center will include a bank and upper levels will contain offices and exercise facilities.

Metropolitan Treo, will be split into three separate residential buildings – Metropolitan Courtyard, Metropolitan Suites and Metropolitan College. The residential project consists of a total of 135 three-bedroomed condominiums, each with two-bathrooms, which will be situated near the Catholic University of Ponce. Designers believe that the ultra-modern glass and steel residential units, which are completely different from anything other architecture in the city, will serve as a platform for residential, commercial and educational sectors to meet and rejuvenate the major boulevards of Ponce.

Despite the modern trend that new construction in the city of Ponce is following, the city has not lost sight of the value of its historical and cultural landmarks. An estimated $20 million is earmarked for the renovation and restoration of these landmarks, including the Ponce Museum of Art, which is believed to house the most extensive and comprehensive art collection in the Caribbean.

More and more tourists who travel to Puerto Rico are choosing Ponce as their destination and are being welcomed by the friendly people who call the second largest city in Puerto Rico home.