Positive Changes for Guayanilla

The city of Guayanilla is approximately twenty kilometers away from Ponce and borders on the Caribbean Sea, on the island of Puerto Rico. It is known for its magnificent attractions such as the Chorro de Oro Waterfall, La Ventana Beach, Mario Mercado Castle and the Central Funina Ruins. Guayanilla is also a city of vibrant festivities including the Virgen del Carmen Festival, the Student Festival, the Ladies Marathon and the Beach Festival in May. Because the attractions and festivals lure tourists to the city, the municipality has decided to upgrade and create new facilities to accommodate the influx of visitors.

Due to the exciting number of developments that the Guayanilla Municipality has in store to improve the economy of the city and to establish a larger tourism industry, it is bound to be a busy year. Bigger cities in Puerto Rico have seen an increase in tourism. In order to create a more tourist orientated coast line, Guayanilla has put projects in motion that will expand the available attractions.

The first major construction is the Marine Centre. It is hoped the Marine Centre will bring more focus on the port, which is a vital harbor for the island. The centre will consist of a lookout tower, docks, recreational facilities, community centre, sports facilities and ample parking. Sports facilities at the Marine Centre will include a stadium and an Olympic size swimming pool, and allow the city to expand its attractions from the bay and restaurants to noteworthy activities and sporting events. The Olympic swimming pool will also be home to the Guayanilla Sports School, to motivate residents to engage in healthier lifestyles and find sports talent to nurture and train.

To be able to create a city that is safe from flooding, the municipality has also drawn up plans to construct a canal and river dam, to protect the city and citizens against one of the most feared natural disasters. The new changes and improvements in Guayanilla are bound to have a positive effect on residents, tourism and the economy. Offering visitors and locals new outlets, activities and protection, are steps towards ensuring the continuous growth and enhancement of an already beautiful coastal city.