PRHTA Convention and Trade Show

Over the years, the PRHTA, or Puerto Rico Hotel and Tourism Association, has been actively involved in assisting all sectors of the Puerto Rican tourism industry, in regard to changes, improvements and the future of tourism. Each year, the Puerto Rico Hotel and Tourism Association hosts the PRHTA Convention and Trade Show, where these various sectors get together to receive and share information within the industry and discuss matters, to work towards creating a competitive tourism industry within Puerto Rico.

This year, the PRHTA Convention and Trade Show will be held for the twenty-second time, between the 3rd and the 5th of September 2008, and takes place at the Puerto Rico Convention Centre. As in previous years, the convention centers around a specific topic and this year’s focus and convention title is “Striving For Excellence”. Many aspects of the tourism industry have been addressed at former PRHTA Convention and Trade Show meetings, including energy conservation, advertising, tourist demands, hospitality opportunities, branding, tax reforms and the future of eco-tourism.

One of the most important features of a country that is vital to tourism is accommodation. With so many destinations and so much luxury accommodation available, visitors seem to be paying a lot more attention to service delivery and hospitality than to the décor and light fittings. The Puerto Rico Hotel and Tourism Association has therefore chosen to highlight and improve service and problems within the hotels and restaurants of Puerto Rico. Everyone in the hotel and restaurant industry are encouraged to attend the PRHTA Convention and Trade Show, as it offers self improvement related workshops, service workshops, seminars, speakers and demonstrations. Bar tenders, waiters, supervisors, owners and even taxi drivers – basically anyone who delivers a service to tourists – is encouraged to attend. Culinary competitions will give those in attendance a taste for tourism, and most of the sectors who have attended previous conventions return, as they find it to be a valuable source of information.

The various sectors of the industry also have the opportunity for networking and building relationships with other members and industry leaders. Working as a team, all sectors of Puerto Rican tourism can secure the future of the industry and create world class activities, facilities and accommodation for both local and international visitors to enjoy.