Puerto Rico: A Diver’s Playground

You spent the winter locked in your work cubicle and temperature outside has been unbearably cold, while your mind dreams of white beaches and warm open water, you body is stuck in the repetitious movements of work. If this is you I have the perfect recipe for escape, Puerto Rico and its warm waters.

Known as the Enchanted Island, Puerto Rico has some of the whitest beaches and is home to some of the world’s best dive spots. The waters off the coast are teaming with many varieties of coral, rays, sharks, large and small fish, and turtles. With water this warm you will forget about those days full of bundled clothing and snow removal.

Most of your dives will take place in waters less than 70 feet and offer any type of adventure you seek. One can drift dive along the coast, explore one of the many underwater caves, or photograph everything from manatees, grouper, and colorful anemones.

After a day spent in the water you can relax on the beach of a seaside restaurant with a cold beer and plateful of succulent conch. The beaches are pristine in their whiteness and the ocean view is spectacular. As with most beach atmospheres, the sands of Puerto Rico are laidback and welcoming. What better way to chase away the winter blues than a day of diving these warm waters with friends old and new, followed by a cold drink and wonderful food?

Book your trip today and experience the charming beaches and waters of Puerto Rico. Follow the links on this page for the best fares and hotel rates. Bring along a buddy or two and relax in the immaculate waters of Puerto Rico.