Puerto Rico Equestrian Art School

The art of horse riding is embedded almost 250 years into the history of Puerto Rico. Able horsemen are still found on the island, but a select group of riders at the Puerto Rico Equestrian Art School have perfected the taming of horses and being able to train their noble steeds in detailed and intricate routines that most riders can only marvel at. The grace and elegance that is portrayed by both horse and rider make the performances by the Puerto Rico Equestrian Art School absolutely breathtaking.

The school presently has fifteen dedicated riders and trainers who spend most of their day caring, riding and understanding their horses. Their professionalism and hard work has been rewarded many times over by receiving awards and accolades, and being requested to take part in festivals and shows across Puerto Rico. To the riders of the Puerto Rico Equestrian Art School, the road to success lies in the patience required to understand horses, being sensitive to their needs and to respect the brave history and culture of horses. These are the foundations in which the Puerto Rican horse riding community believes. Without mutual trust and respect between riders and their horses, nothing of importance can be taught and nothing great can be achieved.

Visitors are welcomed at the equestrian school, although advance bookings should be made. Visitors will not only have the opportunity to witness the majestic routines that are performed by the horses and riders, but will be educated on their care and training, and hopefully leave with a better understanding of these sometimes misunderstood creatures of beauty, power and grace. During the show visitors will see the horses move elegantly through the walk, trot and canter, with fine steps, diagonals and varied pace lengths. The execution of every step is done with precision and is moving proof of the hours of training that is done at the equestrian school.

Every move is accompanied by an arrangement of music that is especially chosen by the musical director of the school, Angel (Cuco) Pena, and choreographed to follow the rhythm of the horses. The performances that can be seen at the Puerto Rico Equestrian Art School are a musical and equestrian extravaganza. As the shining Paso Fino horses enter the arena with their gilded saddles and soft velvet blankets, with riders looking noble in their eighteen century outfits of red and gold, the stage is set for an event that transports onlookers back to the days of noblemen and royalty and re-establishes the faith in the age old Puerto Rican tradition of horse riding.