Puerto Rico Freefall Festival

On a normal day at the Xtreme Divers base, while the sun warms the earth and the exotic culture and traditions of Puerto Rico lure tourists into taking risks and setting off on adventures they never thought they would, a team of professional skydivers stand ready to take visitors on a thrill of a lifetime. For many, becoming a flying human object for a day is a major leap of faith and a onetime experience only, but for others it is a lifestyle. And at no other event in Puerto Rico is this lifestyle celebrated better than at the Puerto Rico Freefall Festival.

Most people would shudder at the thought of a forty second freefall from 10 500 feet above the ground. And jumping from a moving airplane either takes a lot of strength and courage, or a genuine love and addiction to the sport. Skydivers are always looking out for the next skydiving event to attend and a new challenge to conquer. And in Puerto Rico, the Puerto Rico Freefall Festival provides skydiving addicts with the facilities and atmosphere to share their love for skydiving with old friends and meet other fanatics from other countries and clubs.

Between the 13th and the 17th of February 2008, Extreme Divers will be hosting another successful and well attended Puerto Rico Freefall Festival at the Arecibo Airport. The festival allows skydivers the freedom to perform most of the skydiving disciplines, including Hop n Pops, Beach Jumps, Tandem Jumps and more. Three large aircraft ensure that there is jumping available all day. After a grueling day of jumping, which is just as nerve-wrecking for spectators to watch, there are all-night parties, entertainment and vendors, to ensure that the evenings are as action packed as the days.

Spectators are welcome to attend the Puerto Rico Freefall Festival as it is guaranteed to be a weekend of thrills and adrenalin pumping skydiving. Between watching people fall out the sky from 15 000 feet above ground and enjoying the festivities and warm atmosphere on the ground, it is a festival that is enjoyed by everyone. If you are in Puerto Rico during February, be sure to make a turn at the airport and join the fun.