Puerto Rico High Fashion Week

A sneak preview of the upcoming fashion trends for the next season is always to a woman’s advantage. And of course, designers cannot wait to share their new creations and imaginative designs with the public. To create an event that can assist new designers and showcase leading fashion masterminds, Puerto Rico is hosting the forth Puerto Rico High Fashion Week between the 13th and the 15th of March 2008. The PR High Fashion Week is set to be an event filled with glamour, style and surprises.

The Puerto Rico High Fashion Week is the biggest and most spectacular fashion event on the island, and in the Caribbean for that matter. During the 4th to the 6th of October 2007, the PR High Fashion Week hosted a successful Spring/Summer 2008 collection and are now gearing up for the Holiday/ Resort 2008 collection, which will be held in the Puerto Rico Convention Centre, in San Juan.

Together with some of the most popular designers in Puerto Rico, such as Eclipica, Ruben Darion, Nono Maldonaldo, Luis Antonio, Stella Nolasco and David Antonio, new designers will be showing their worth on the runway, including Lisandra Cruz, Jaer Caban, Sally Torres, Namibia Viera, Juan Colon, Jose Raul Perez and Lillian Landron. Many of the audience members, who are passionate about fashion, will be eager to see the latest ranges from Custo Barcelona and Tommie Hernandez.

This magnificent fashion event also has an official magazine called “The Collection”. In the pages of the glossy and exclusive fashion week magazine, the public will find all the designs catalogued. The prices of the pieces are visible with each design and will soon be appearing in other fashion related magazines in Puerto Rico.

The PR High Fashion Week is also a wonderful attraction for visitors to enjoy, as they will be able to see and enjoy the styles, color and designs that are unique to Puerto Rico, and get some insight into the island’s fashion industry. It is a vibrant, energetic and festive event that highlights the creative designers on the island and is a fun and exciting event to attend.