Puerto Rico Loves Baseball

Baseball has entwined itself in the fabric of America, becoming the national sport. The same can now be said of the game in Puerto Rico. The people of this Caribbean island have taken this sport as their own and have become a driving force in international play and Major League Baseball in the States.

Over the last fifty years, many of the great players have been exported to the Major League from Puerto Rico and these gifted sportsmen have shaped the game in a way that is graceful, elegant, and one that shows what baseball talent has become. The talent of these players in full of the classic skills that have made this game one the most popular events in the world.

Players like Manny Ramirez, Bernie Williams, Carlos Beltran, and the legendary Roberto Clemente can be found on the list of All-stars every year. The Baseball Hall of Fame highlights the best that this island nation has given to this sport.

Over the years, the National Baseball Team of Puerto Rico has won just about every major international championship medal offered. Having won the Caribbean World Series an impressive 14 times, Puerto Rico has established itself as a true dominant team of the sport of baseball.

During the winter months, you can escape the cold and travel this tropical paradise. In addition, part of your itinerary should include a game or two of the winter baseball league. This season will include the best players of Puerto Rico in a highly competitive atmosphere. Many players of the Major League participate to make this a truly memorable event.

When planning your visit use the links on this page for the best accommodations and get your tickets for the game early, for this winter season will be one for the record books.