Puerto Rico: Nature’s Play Ground

Above you in the lush greenery; parrots chirp incessantly, while rays of sunshine pierce through the dense foliage. You’ve never been anywhere like the El Yunque Rain Forest – a cool, mountainous, semi tropical rain forest in eastern Puerto Rico. The pitter-patter of rainfall is broken down through the mountain via a network of rocky rivers, which in turn create a number of waterfalls and small pools. At the higher elevations the waters are clean enough to drink and delightful to swim in. Hundreds of outdoor enthusiasts visit the park daily, but you won’t have any problem finding a corner to call your own, and opportunity to feel like you’re the only one visiting this natural wonderland of flora and fauna.

El Yunque is managed by the United States Forest Service, who maintain an extensive series of natural hiking and paved trails, picnic facilities and even an exhibit hall.

A great introduction to what rain forests are all about, a visit to El Yunque will prove to be informative, fun and challenging. Cement and dirt trails make hiking easy, but don’t worry, more serious trekkers need only travel to the south side of the park for varied trails and less people. There are plenty attractions to keep you busy.

A variety of accommodations are available just outside the Park Boundaries. Some in the rainforest itself and others in the foothills. All have a unique view of the forest and/or the sea. The tranquility experienced during a stay in any one of the small guest houses surrounding the forest will not only leave you refreshed but will increase your understanding of the rainforest and it’s importance to the word’s eco-system.